We can ship carnivorous plant seeds to all states. We will only ship non-carnivorous native seeds east of the Mississippi River. We can ship carnivorous plants to all states. We will only ship non-carnivorous native plants east of the Mississippi River. If you reside within the fire ant zone delineated by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture you can opt to have plants sent potted as opposed to our standard bare root method. 

We carry a variety of plants and seeds. In order to ensure that we are not responsible for introducing a new devastating invasive plant, agricultural disease, or insect that could alter our ecosystem or industry in a negative way, we will be adhering to these regulations rigidly. 


We generally ship 1-3 business days after an order is placed.  During times of the year with higher order volume, it may take slightly longer.  



Please email us at dancingstarhort@gmail.com with the items you'd like to add. If you place another order, please email us with the order numbers and we can combine them. Any shipping overages will be refunded after the order has been processed.


4. Is the nursery open to the public?

At this time, the grounds are for staff only. 


5. Do you ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally under normal circumstances. 


6. What should I consider when choosing a plant?

We recommend choosing a plant that will thrive in your conditions. We have a large range of offerings, some best suited for shady environments, others sunny.  We always recommend starting out with plants that are a bit more forgiving so that you can fine tune your growing environment for plants that are more challenging later on.


7. What is a clone? 

A clone is a genetically unique individual. The only way to propagate clones is via asexual reproductive methods such as cuttings, or in certain cases, meristem propagation via tissue culture.


8. What is a grex?

Grex (plural greges) - describes the offspring of 2 genetically unique individuals.  

Officially, orchids are the only group of plants that can issue an official name to a grex. Thus, we don't issue names to greges. However, we will assign different codes to different greges even if the parent individuals are the same.


A cultivar is a specific clone of a plant that is deemed exceptional enough to be registered officially via publication.  The governing body for carnivorous plants is the International Carnivorous Plant Society


10. What's the difference between plants from tissue culture (TC), seed grown (SG) and propagated vegetatively?

Seed grown plants are propagated via standard sowing techniques. Vegetative propagation is usually done via cuttings. Tissue cultured plants are started in sterile flasks either by sterilizing seed or meristem tissue (from cuttings). The resulting tissue is then multiplied and greenhouse hardened.

Generally speaking, growing plants from seed increases genetic variability.  However, propagating from cuttings enables selection of superior clones. Tissue culture allows for propagation of superior clones in large numbers.